CANBERRA-A well crafted modern capital city of Australia with a variety of major attractions sights.It is  claimed to be one of the coolest place in Australia with great cosmopolitan atmosphere at the city’s heart.


Canberra- Is Australia’s largest inland city situated between the cities of Sydney and Melbourne. It’s not only known for politics, monuments and boring museums. Canberra host the most quirky attractions that make the city famous for tourists. .This is a city that buzzes itself’s with it’s amazing environments from nature,historic sites to monuments.Some attractions including:

  1.   Australian War Memorial


Austrian war memorial is ranked as the top landmark in both Australia and south Pacific. It was built as a visual focus for the country gratefulness for military sacrifice.The Walls of the surrounding cloister are engraved with Australia’s War dead. It is a moving and insightful experience for both young and old.It’s mission is to emulate  the Australian experience during the War and the impact it had on the Australians.Discover the Australians experience of War and stories of people that build the nation. This is a place to pay your respects and discover Australian ways.

Name: Australian War Memorial

Address: Treloar Cres, Campbell ACT 2612, Australia

Official website URL: http://www.awm.gov.au/


  1.   Parliament House Canberra


The parliament house offers great architects which were designed by Mitchell in 1988.This building itself is embedded in the Australian soil covered in a turf roof and great wall interiors. This is a great place to visit and experience democracy in action. There is a lot to see from politicians in sessions.You will find some nice historical treasures and contemporary art on displays throughout the building and temporary exhibition.

This parliament house is open 365 days in a year and you’re welcome at any meeting in the house.

Name: Parliament House Canberra

Address: Parliament Dr, Canberra ACT 2600, Australia

Official website URL: http://www.aph.gov.au/         



  1.   Lake Burley Griffin



This is an artificial lake created at the heart of Canberra.It is a walk away from the Australian War Museum. It is an idea place where people can go for water playground like rowing, kayaking, sailing, and fishing. There is much more to offer for cyclists and people who want to enjoy jogging,a place to exercise yoga or workout. The scenery is great for picnics in its numerous parks and evening walks during sunsets.It’s a refreshing environment with clean air away from the busy city centre. For those seeking a leisurely place and enjoy the water views, Lake Burley is a great place.

Name: Lake Burley Griffin

Official website URL:

  1.   Telstra Tower



This is a telecommunications tower and lookout that is situated above the summit Black mountain in Canberra. The tower has number of functions and facilities including Telecommunication facility.It not only a landmark but also offers an  indoor and outdoor viewing platforms, café and executive briefing centre.Different activities take place here apart from its nature to support communications . This elegant tower has won awards due to its unique designs that attracts tourist from different walks of the world.Enjoy the canberra’s views from this rooftop Telstra Tower and never hesitate to buy a souvenir from the cafe downstairs.

Name: Telstra Tower

Address: 100 Black Mountain Dr, Acton ACT 2601, Australia

Official website URL: http://www.telstratower.com.au/

  1.   Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.



This nature is a protected area on the fridge of Namadgi National Park. It is a short drive from Canberra city. The nature reserves consist of a large valley and a steep mountain .Tidbinbilla Mountain is believed to have been used for initiation purposes in the past.A place where boys become men. This reserve has different range of bushwalks ranging from 30 minutes to 6 hours.Get up close and experience iconic native wildlife in their natural setting including kangaroos and emus, platypuses and lyrebirds at dusk. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is a place in canberra that is  not to be missed.

Name: Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

Address: Paddy’s River Road, Paddys River ACT 2620, Australia

Official Website URL: http://www.cdscc.nasa.gov/

  1.   The National Library of Australia



This is a treasure trove of Australians historical Documents,Music,art,pictures,manuscript,newspaper .It was built according to Greek style with a lavish use of marbles established in 1981.There are over millions files of records and files.some of the most treasured possessions are in this Library .The ever changing treasures gives you  free access to Australians moving stories.The library provides a national leadership in developing and managing a collaborative online to make  easy access to library books. Make the journey and be intrigued, challenged and amazed by the stories. Enjoy the unparalleled to the galleries

Name:The National Nature Reserve

Address: Parkes Pl W, Canberra ACT 2600, Australia

Official Website URL: http://www.nla.gov.au/

  1.   Australian Botanical Gardens



A mile away from the city you can enjoy Australian Botanical Garden .It has amazing types of flora species. The garden also has a haven for birds and butterflies of different species such as wallaroos, wallabies and kangaroos. A breathtaking array of exotic trees and plants away from the city makes this place feel like home in the bushes. This is the only place you will see a diversity of native nature at one place.Different tourist and locals things to do include bird watching,picnicks,bike riding and guided tours.You can enjoy snacks and food at the cafe as well.This is a place never to miss in canberra city.

Name: Australian Botanical Gardens

Address: Clunies Ross St, Acton ACT 2601, Australia

Official Website URL: http://www.anbg.gov.au/


  1.   National Zoo and Aquarium



This privately owned Venture is a hit for families and animal lovers. It is located in Yarralumla at the west end of lake Burley Griffin. The Aquarium displays a wide range of marine wildlife while In the Zoo visitors can view tigers, lions, cheetahs and more.

Name: National Zoo and Aquarium

Address: 999 Lady Denman Dr, Yarralumla ACT 2611, Australia

Official Website URL: http://nationalzoo.com.au/


  1.   National carllion


On Aspen Island in central Canberra is the Carrion.It was gifted from the British Government in 1963 opened by Queen Elizabeth.The tower has 55 bells making it the world largest musical instruments.The surrounding of the tower is a nice place to relax and watch the sunsets.It is also nice for picnics.Incredible to hear the bells and a nice outdoor during summer to bring kids out to play.The bells usually mark an hour daily .And during the night it looks great when lit.People also get a chance to visit from midweek to Sundays.

Name: National  Carrion

Address: Parkes ACT 2600, Australia

Official website URL:http://www.nationalcapital.gov.au/index.php/component/content/article?id=233:national-carillon

  1.  Royal Australian Mint


This is Australian biggest money making operation.Is a great place to know the heritage of Australian currency .It contains two buildings,the administration and the processing building.Its gallery showcases Australians way of creating or rather manufacturing coins.Visitors  can spend an hour or so and learn Australian coins in a video and presentation and get to mint your own $1.There is a small shop one can shop for gifts as well in the royal mint. It is a pleasure to take advantage of the free tour and enjoy this Mint place.

Name:Royal Australia Mint

Address: Denison St, Deakin ACT 2600, Australia

Official Website Address: https://www.ramint.gov.au/



Canberra despite known for politics and a different unknown insights,there is much more to see than what meets the eyes.Interesting activities that put a smile on young and old faces.Touristy places to get a souvenir and never forget this amazing Vibrant planned city .Endless stories to tell and curiosity to create out here.This is a place to be and experience life like a local in a foreign city away from home.

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