Charlie Bistro

Its a fantastic Sunday, sunny and freshly baked cakes smells from my neighbor upstairs.What a wonderful day! I want food,my tummy whispers.

Am one of the few people who love good food and cocktails afternoon in a nice place.I call my friend and explain to her we need charlie bistro in the next few seconds.

After few hours,we hit the road to langata ,its a visible place next to a round about at 6th floor is a well decorated atmospheric lounge,half fully packed,

Our Waiter take our orders ,two cocktails please .Pomegranate Martini Absolute Citroen, Pomegranate Liqueur and
pomegranate juice served up@6$

and L’Orangerie Skyy Blood Orange & Cointreau, served up with a
Grand Marnier floater. @9$

good cocktails comes with a great meal,Chicken Crepes
Mushrooms, spinach, and Béchamel @11$.

Charlie bistro is not far from the city center. With help of uber its fast.Don’t hesitate to visit this place,if you are a cocktail lover and like good chicken with little three smudges of some paste.Am not a chef but that plate looked inviting as well as the food.

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