Health mind.

Ever been cynical about everything.Especially the morning after a long party weekend of booze and loud music,the following day you wake up  paranoid, a stupid bug may touch the tip of your nose and you end up screaming over nothing.Things around you seems distorted , nothing make sense.It is a terrible feeling of die,resurrect ,horny or possessed by your village demons.However you get things done on this day is beyond me.


Everyone suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues,and this is

mine.I am one of the few realest people that have ever known and am writing this next on a bench in the middle of nowhere.I was raised among the smell of woods near swamps and the flow of nature is right before my eyes. Today after my buzzing night i woke up excited over nothing ,i wanted to run to something and my steps brought me here.My surroundings looks serene and comfy ,i feel safe and distracted from my busy work schedule.

My buddy calls and am tempted to pick up.Not again ,today i promised myself no calls,no busy life schedules,just me ,the serenity and a water bottle.If this is not life,i don’t know what it is.What do you do if you need that me time?Am trying to communicate with others who do the same as me.I go for long walks by myself and its totally okay to be you.

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