Karanga chapo

Some of the most satisfying things in life are the simplest,inoccuous and unconsidered like this dear lady by my hood who makes the most amazing chapatis. You may be wondering what’s chapatis! like everyone likes to call them. If your from Kenya you’ll understand pretty well .When Jesus served the 12 disciplines chapatis were there,chapati is just no dough is a lifestyle made with a skill .

Mama chapo like I call her has a nice kibanda joint located along a busy dusty road and she’s open for a short while just before dusk. A tall lady who always has a smile and ready to serve you,the problem is if you arrive late by late I mean 8ishpm you’ll find her already booked with afew servings to make, pack and go. The most amazing part is to watch her make this dough from flour,water,salt,oil and your good to go.

Maina is a local regular customer who eats chapati everyday and this may come as a suprise why from her and why everyday ,he explains to me he’s a bachelor who loves chapati everyday but they are difficult to make by himself. Hence the likeness for mama chapo . Mama chapo ,her name is Betty .she keeps a pouch of money securely tucked between her thick laps or shoved somewhere inside her bra. A metal deep-frying basin is sitting on an open fire in front of her and she is holding a slotted spoon in her hand, which she uses to stir and scoop out the crispy chapo from the dark, unhealthy cooking oil that is rumoured to cause cancer. There are some plastic basins beside her on the ground; one with the raw dough and another holding the already cooked chapos. A swarm of hungry, salivating (return) customers crowd and surround her, sometimes pushing and shoving, like she is the messiah sent every evening without fail to save us from our cravings and feed our appetite.

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