Paradise Lost!

The weather in East Africa,Nairobi Kenya is unpredictable.Waking up to a bright warm morning,to getting drained by the heavy rains in the afternoon. Nevertheless never let the weather stop you Adventurous person looking for a weekend gateway. I usually use my weather forecast on my phone.Its an app that predicts the weather. Does it work? Mostly yes.Not far from town,Paradise lost is situated,20mins drive away from thika super highway.Close proximity to kiambu, thika road,town environments.

Sneakily situated past karura forest.Is a little jungle full of nature ,coffee smell captures your breathe from a distance.Almost 10 arces of land is coffee plantation,usually farmers ,researches pay a fee to get toured and see kenyan coffee.It’s a long walk from the main entrance to the park.Wear comfortable sneakers or rather get a “boda boda” motorbike.The whole park is approximate 54 acres of land that can hold 2000 people.

At the entrance you also pay some little fee and advised on all the activities they offer.From a distance it does not look like it has much to offer other than a picnic shot and a slightly unappealing ground.Let’s find out little explorers! Today we feel like hiking that’s what we start with.We plan on the routes  to follow and set a timer.We do not like to spend so much time on one thing.Balance activities


The environment is packed some are cooking,and i had a chance to talk to a family. Raeesh family come here often cook,talk,celebrate ,drink afternoon tea and pray.They were not the only one.Another group of teenagers were holding a birthday party.There is a kids play ground.Many benches to relax and indulge with friends and family.This place is really handy.

We began our little hiking through the bushes taking pictures,observing the nature.There is a really huge swamp that covers half the property.From the deep ends of the swamp some people were fishing.Yes take away fish.As we kept walking we came across the water fall,its really catchy to take a picture,close your eyes and let the sound of the water as it splash take control of you.Couple more shots for the water fall and head up to the caves. Mau Mau caves as they call it, is an historic  hidden gem that was used by the colonies to torture people  in the  year 1960’s. It is believed a man caves lives there.Lets go and Meet Mr cave.Actually he wasn’t there .Its a nice place to visit ,you can’t stay long inside,it gets really hot and no good ventilation of air.If you are scared of bending,dark places ,tiny paths ,that’s not your place nevertheless there is much more to explore


On our next trail,the moment awaited finally.We really wanted to do kayaking and just sit there on the boat,talk,eat snacks and just relax.It not so easy to get your boat going if you cannot understand the waves.It took a lot of shouting and screaming before you get to make your boat going.Some were left behind and planned to just stay above the water and enjoy the view. others kept going.Water birds of all species floks around to eat from the swamp and  its a nice time to get a picture.We took 3 hours and left for cash min bar for refreshments.The prices are favorable too .Ice cream for the non alcoholic is by the bar as well.At this top platform,you get a great glimpse of the swamp and its environments.

Finally exhausted for one more activity.Horse riding,its really enticing to ride the horses at a small fee.

Few pointers: Entrance fee ranges from 200ksh(2$) kids,300(3$) adults residents,non-residents 500(5$).All the activities range from 100ksh(1$)-1000ksh(10$).Don’t miss out to be a tourist i your own country because there  is do much to see.#Tembea kenya.

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