Thinking out loud

The society tells us women especially, parents,the elderly on how to condone the opposite sex. How to behave with the man you are dating. Your husband or your boyfriend.

Keep him entertained, dress well, talk nicely, cook and be happy.Its all okay to be that perfect woman. But we end up forgetting you can’t make someone happy if they are not happy themselves.

We cannot fullfil ourselves through someone else.The more we grasped we are scared of losing and we end up hurting ourselves.

Am no shrink, or a psychological Doctor. But i believe on what is right.Different people have risen up, scientists  researchers, those who are looking to find a dollar or two and fill it in books on ways to make that man not leave you. On ways to attract a man. Ways on how to keep him.

I read this posts, books because of curiosity and if it ever worked on you fine. But I want you to know.A man who wants to be kept will behave accordingly. A man mature enough will learn to communicate effectively instead of distance himself.Love is give and you must be willing to put that into work if you want something to last or workout .Instead of expecting always to be on the receiving end. I am so over the social expectations of always wanting women to babysit men, excuse or explain their intentional flaws and have us expect as normal and walk around us. 

A relationship has two people on it and must be willing to choose each other daily and put it under consideration to make it last


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