My scary tomorrow.

sometimes am staying alone and building the past under the rain of daily moments…there’s a pure and catchy silence when the drops of time are touching my mind’s eyes..there are so many yesterdays to rebuild, so many living songs to hear, so many memories to cover with the bound of words. Simple or great words which immortalize what I was for whom I will be..what’s the past? The past is me..what’s the present ? the present is me..what’s the future .the future is me, wondering where’s the time and place when’s the time to be..or not to be…

My inner thoughts are speaking out loudly as being enclosed between what’s awaits in the future and present. We all have dreams, visions, expectations for something huge. Some people have instincts about something and I perceive myself as the few. In a couple of few days, months and years I see myself better than today because I have a vision. A shrink will say ”what’s your greatest desire in life because he sees what’s behold you. He can read through us depending on our feelings and situations. It’s a genuine desire to want something and do it. Make it happen and keep your energy high, seek what you want but be careful what you wish for because it might come true.



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