what makes your day or blossoms it up?

Am always curious on toddler short clips and videos? I mean every pop up ad for toddlers in any social media platform makes my day.I like how reckless they are,babies don’t care ,they are free,the tiny steps as they maneuver around the house next thing you see,she is crying ,she fell and smash the cute little face over the stairs.Others just act up throw a fuss and unleash a tantrum ,refusing any form of affection or bribe.At times they will thicken the plot by crying for nothing ;an annoying ,drawn out wail,lazily cried in a flat monotone with fake ,exaggerated ,bronchial coughs that make them sound like they are lingering  on the point of demise.Watching all this acts from them makes up for a good day.Sometimes i get overwhelmed and scared  deep down with acknowledgement that parenting isn’t easy after all.

I believe there is no strategy for a good or bad day.A bad and a good day depends on your acceptance to it,your mood and your feeling.There is no strategy that can give you 100% certainty in results.laugh and laugh to the fullest-maintain a decent smile to make it through the day.Live every moment to the fullest so that you don not have to regret it.Love yourself to the fullest.Even others and those too who don’t love you,just make a difference with them.Whatever makes that soul,body and mind bubbling go for it.Watching toddlers works for me.What about you?

Happy good day readers

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