what’s your story?

What do you want in life.We are all looking for something out here.Am up for adventures and unique experiences.Friends and mentors all over the globe.Grow in career and life.Travel the world.

We talk about our ambitions,dreams,visions when growing up.I want to be that and that,sometimes things don’t go as planned.The older we grow we become better versions of ourselves.We talk about our future like a beautiful thing,a goal to achieve,something we need to accomplish to win a game.But actually,we want the full experience_the dynamic experience,which requires a lot of patience and wandering off.

Speaking from a native person perspective.We are raised with a set of expectations.Go to school,get a job,relations,get engaged ,marry ,kids and the rest follows.In a perfect world,we are strongly socialized to assert ourselves to this.What happen if you don’t get to finish college neither join one,you don’t get to have a stable ¬†relationship with your partner or maybe you are in an abusive relation,it could be physically or emotionally.What happens after senior school you have unplanned baby.Your age-mates are having babies in their mid/late 20’s,whatever age society depicts is right. Age-mates are graduating college,getting married.You are scared to visit the village and relatives with stereotypes,why ain’t you marrying Jack,Your not engaged yet Monica,people of your age are leaving you behind.

We get stressed up,start performing poorly in school,at work,in your relationship or marriage.We forget ourselves,worry,depressed all due to what the society tell us.Am not an expert in life coaching,nor a shrink,just a little hope for you.All this they say happens for some time,reasons,you have the capability to decide your own fate.Life is choice,you make the right for you.Do not get pressured .Take it slow and make things work at your pace.If that relation is not working for you quit,never regret for getting late to your destinations.

If your have had it all at the right time .You are definitely a rare gem.Congratulations.Be bold ,live accordingly ,smile and be happy.

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